The Dubai Airport allows the passengers to move across the airport between the concourses and terminals with the maximum of comfort. Therefore, to move between the terminals, a shuttle service is available. The time to move from the Terminal 2 to the Terminal 1 will take 20 minutes and 30 minutes to get to the Terminal 3. The passengers that need to transfer from the Concourse A to the rest of the Terminal 3 may use the service of the automated people mover (APM) guideway transit system. The people mover service is also available between the Concourse D and the Terminal 1.

Moreover, the Dubai Airport offers three daily coach services to and from Al Ain and four daily rides to and from Abu Dhabi. Inter-terminal shuttle rides may carry passengers from one terminal to another. 

There are shared shuttle services that provide rides from the airport to any of the destinations in Dubai that cost approximately $30, private transfers will cost from $62 to $70, private minibus cost may reach about $74, and private luxury transfers will cost $82.